Studio on Club consists of high-end creative suppliers who share one studio.  Here at Studio on Club in Waterkloof Heights, Pretoria, we are passionate about every detail of a client’s project, from the inspiring ideas to the finished products or services whether it is for a client’s branding, business or wedding. We work in and share the same studio but, each individual supplier can be booked separately to suit your needs. Each company works as its own entity and has their own contact details, meeting, branding, billing and collection system.

Studio on Club originated from suppliers who share the same goal of making every detail of a client’s dream a reality. When different suppliers who are familiar with each other work together on one project, the results are amazing; not only because they are well acquainted with each other’s methods and style but also because they can collaborate to provide the highest possible quality products and services. When more than one Studio on Club supplier is booked for a single project, we have the chance to combine our creativity and expertise, this is also showcased in the various styled shoots and conferences created by Studio on Club suppliers. Each supplier is handpicked to be a part of Studio on Club and is sure to add to the quality experience you deserve. We look forward to meet you and start with your exciting projects to come.

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